Next Scheduled Moscow Borough Council Meeting

Tuesday September 6 ,2022 at 7:00 p.m.

at the Moscow Borough Building 

Next Scheduled Moscow Borough Planning Commission Meeting is scheduled for 

Monday August 29 ,2022 at 7:00 p.m.

at the Moscow Borough Building 


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Chief donation of vests to Ukraine.png

Humanitarian Donation to Ukraine

Chief Ivy Brenzel, on behalf of the Moscow Police Department, participated in a supply drive for the Ukranian people spearheaded by Senator Marty Flynn (22nd Senatorial District). Chief Brenzel was sent a letter of thanks from Sen. Flynn for Moscow Police Department's donation of 15 protective gear vests towards this humanitarian effort.




Recent history of Moscow can be seen through decades of memorabilia associated with the Moscow Country Fair. Photos, newspaper articles, posters, flyers, and award-winning logo tee shirts are part of an ongoing display at the Moscow Borough Building.

From the late 1970’s through 2006, the Moscow Country Fair grew from a family fun day in the park to what one spokesperson called a ‘cultural phenomenon’ popular with thousands of attendees from around the entire northeast. The display represents part of the more than 40 year history of the North Pocono Cultural Society which was incorporated in 1981 to produce the Fair.

The Cultural Society has continued to offer other forms of entertainment to the community since the original Fair ended its run in 2006. In 2016 the current Moscow Country Street Fair resumed the traditional Fair parade, quilt show, art show, live music, food and craft vendors.

See a display of the Fair and local North Pocono Cultural Society events through the years at the Moscow Borough Building through the end of May during regular business hours – 8:30 to 3:00. Watch for a special program related to Moscow’s history with video Fair highlights tentatively scheduled for May 7, 2022, a collaborative event of the North Pocono Historical Society and the North Pocono Cultural Society.

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History of Moscow

Moscow Borough was established in 1908 by citizens interested in creating improved services to their thriving community. W. B. Miller became the town's first Burgess.

The area we call Moscow was given that name at some point in the 1850s. Exactly how the name came to the area is not clear. Originally called Drinker's Beech and named for Henry Drinker, a Quaker from Philadelphia, who gained possession of nearly three square miles of land and began harvesting the local beech trees. A roadway carved through the wilderness cut through what we know today as Main Street or Route 435 was named Drinker Turnpike.

Some people believe that the Reverend Peter Rupert, a Lutheran minister, renamed the area after his former home in Moscow, Russia. There is no firm evidence that he, nor settlers from Russia, named the area. The Reverend Rupert did build a log cabin tavern to service stage coach travelers making the arduous journey between Philadelphia and the interior of New York State.

It is possible that the area could have easily been renamed Moscow at the whim of the first postmaster Leander Griffen who opened the settlement's first general store in 1854.

The construction of a rail line from Scranton to the transportation hub of Hoboken, New Jersey increased the importance of the area not only for commerce but also as a destination for vacationers, who used the rail lines to visit the numerous local hotels built in this beautiful country setting. By the early 1900's there was even a daily commuter train called "the accommodation train" bringing workers from Moscow to Scranton. Today, the Victorian-era Moscow railroad station is a reminder of the profound influence rail transportation has had on this area.

This area continues to grow in a family-friendly environment with its shops, restaurants, recreation and, of course, the train station and Steamtown excursions.